Private Image Registry

If your images resides in a private registry, you must configure permissions, or else you'll get a PullImageError when deploying applications.

Kalm can help you simplify the process of configuring Private Image Registries.

Example Usage

As a prerequisit you need access to a private registry. One option is to create a free private repository on Docker Hub.

Let's upload an image to a private dockerhub registry.

Start by pulling down the busybox image onto your local machine, then re-tag it and upload to your private repo. Replace <MYREPO> with the name of your repository.

docker pull busybox
docker tag busybox:latest <MYREPO>/private-busybox:latest
docker push <MYREPO>/private-busybox:latest

Now let's create a new application with a component using this private image

  • Create an Application
  • Create a Component with <MYREPO>/private-busybox:latest as the image
  • In the command field, enter /bin/sh -c `sleep 10000` to keep the container alive.
  • Click Deploy

You should get a "Failed to pull Image..." error.

cannot pull error

This error is expected because the pod does not have permission to pull the specified image.

Adding a Private Repository

We can fix the issue by adding a private registry.

  • Click Registries in the left navigation sidebar

  • Click Add Registry

  • Enter username and password for your repository. The host can be blank if you are using, otherwise enter the full URL(i.e

  • Press Save

registry form

If the login info is correct, you should see Verified checkbox light up shortly.

registry validated


Now let's redeploy our application.

Go back to the component and delete the failing pod. Deleting a pod will trigger a redeployment. This time, the pod should be successfully deployed.

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