Https Cert


isSelfManagedboolwhether certificate is uploaded by user or managed by KalmFalse
selfManagedCertSecretNamestringif IsSelfManaged is true, the name of secret storing the certificate infoFalse
httpsCertIssuerstringissuer name of the certFalse
domainsstring[]domains in certificateTrue


ConditionsHttpsCertCondition[]details of httpsCert condition
ExpireTimestampint64expire timestamp of the certificate.
IsSignedByPublicTrustedCAboolis this certificate signed by publicly trusted Certificate Authority.
WildcardCertDNSChallengeDomainMapmap[string]stringfor wildcard certificate, CNAME info of domains, key is the certificate domain, value if where this certificate domain should add CNAME DNS record to pass the DNS-01 challenge.


TypeHttpsCertConditionTypetype of the HttpsCert condition, possible value: Ready.
Statuscorev1.ConditionStatusstatus of the condition, possible values: True, False and Unknown.
Reasonstringa brief machine readable explanation for the condition's last transition.
Messagestringa human readable description of the details of the last transition, complementing reason.
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